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An Expert In Our Field

Cleancraft Pte Ltd was established to bring fuss free and affordable cleaning solutions to your daily lives. With close to 10 years of experience in cleaning high end retail and commercial spaces, we bring excellence in what we do.


Our expertise focuses on specialized cleaning services and servicing residential homes to include include mattress and upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning, disinfection services and anti-microbial coating services.

Every Customer Matters

Taking time to understand your needs will help us to customize and tailor the best cleaning package suited for you and in turn, avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Image by Nik Lanús

Entrust Your Homes and Work Spaces To Us

As our name states, we believe that cleaning is also a craft.

Modern day cleaning solutions have challenged us to look beyond conventional cleaning methods and learn how to reach a sweet spot in striking a balance between both styles.

We study the methods, chemicals and machines that we use as well as learn about the nature of the surfaces that we clean, in order for us to provide the best service.

We are dedicated to serve you well and provide professional advice relating to the services you require and post job follow up to maintain our good standards. 

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